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Sunday, October 4th, 2015
5:40 pm
Snake oil anyone????
I wrote the following a few months ago and sent copies to a few friends. People have been pestering me to publish it so here it is in all it's glory typos and all. In case you have no idea what it is about – it is in response to an editorial published in the Chicago Tribune by some conservative assclown. It's easily googled.

I almost want to start a hashtag with her name as a response to local problems/issues such as the two boil advisories the city has recently experienced. In the last 60 (maybe 90 days) the City had two massive boil water advisories due to a pump failure caused by a power failure. Power failures are a common thing in NOLA so you would think those in charge of the pumps would have a back up in place but hell no, it's on some sort of list of things to do. As for the power failures themselves you can't blame Entergy New Orleans when a crackhead decides to steal copper wire from equipment, or metallic balloons hit a contact point on wires, or a fool drives their car into a pole knocking out a transformer. However, you have to ask yourself how any of those things can knock out several thousands of customers for hours on end. The last one I went through knocked out the entire Lower 9th Ward (ok a handful of blocks on the other side of Claiborne were spared but I'm not even sure there is anything there anymore other than abandoned lots). You might think something serious happened but it was the result of a car accident. Yep, a dude, a car, a pole, and over 2,000 accounts with out power. We pay a ton in surcharges for storms and system repairs and Entergy can't seem to grasp the concept of system redundancy. I am surprised that didn't cause a boil water advisory—maybe it did and I missed it. Although it is far more likely they just didn't issue one for this neighborhood, but that is an issue all on it's own that I'm just in no mood to write about at present.
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Monday, September 28th, 2015
1:56 am
Life Is Good...

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Saturday, August 29th, 2015
6:23 pm
Ten Years.....
We might be okay for tourists....but, we are still not okay for ourselves

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Wednesday, August 26th, 2015
2:33 am
For late August it had been a busy week business wise. I remember not being well prepared for that. Decadence was shaping up to be huge festival with guests (as opposed to promoters etc...) arriving already. The phone was ringing not just with clients but with Miles trying to get into town on time and having transportation difficulties, and Mark excited he actually had part of the weekend off and would not have to be at work at 5 AM. My apartment was a mess. Clean laundry trying to make it's way to the bedroom, ironing board in the middle of the living room. Business paperwork, set up supplies lined the kitchen counter and living room floor. I remember buying a bunch of garlic, onions, to go with the bag of creole tomatos a client gave me. I was going to spend Tuesday making tomato sauce. As I attempted to put the apartment and set up together I prayed Miles would not only make it in by morning but would quarter crash somewhere else as planned. The last thing on my mind that morning or afternoon was a tropical storm off the coast of Florida. I don't recall knowing that it had been upgraded to a Hurricane till that evening.
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Tuesday, August 25th, 2015
5:40 am
Becoming Her Future Self
On Thursday, August 25th Katrina became Hurricane Katrina for the first time. She arrived in Florida as a Cat 1 Hurricane. Interestingly enough her eye passed directly over the National Hurricane Center during her visit. On her visit to the “Sunshine State” she caused over a billion worth of damages, created over a dozen fatalities, and left over a million people without electricity. She eventually lost her strength and her hurricane status before she entered the Gulf of Mexico.

That day New Orleans went on about her business without so much as blinking an eye. Everyone prepared for Decadence and Labor Day. There was no reason not to. It would be the last full day of normalcy we would see for quite sometime.

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Monday, August 24th, 2015
12:54 pm
Sounds like the title of a punk rock song.....
"Tropical Depression 12" sat off the coast of Florida just as many before it had. By the end of the day it was upgraded to a tropical storm also as many before had. It was given the name Katrina. Even then the name sounded a bit foreboding...a bitch in the making as it were.

I looked at it. A lot of us looked at it. It seemed to be heading to Florida, directly to Florida. It seemed to be Florida's problem in the making. Florida considered it to be a problem . “Jeb!” then the Governor of Florida declared a state of emergency. Seemed sensible even if it was just a tropical storm.

In just a few days Katrina would cease to be just a problem for Florida. Soon the bitch would be every ones' problem.

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Sunday, August 23rd, 2015
2:59 am
A Day Like Any Other Day.......
I don't recall that day....
There are parts of that week I remember very clearly. I know I had begun looking for a space to set up a reading room in the Marigny or Bywater and being quite interested in a little space right off Frenchman that was in our price range. I remember discussing it the phone with Miles who was in Tennessee at the time visiting his family and that he would hopefully be arriving back that week end. I remember a client I met on Royal Street and discussing the Tzadikum with her. She was aabout to relocate to NOLA and open a pottery studio. One of my regular clients was in town from Baton Rouge and I went to the hotel to meet him and his wife and that he paid me to make him a special “lucky charm”. I recall talking to Mimi from Esoterica about the supplies I would need.Read more...Collapse )

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Saturday, August 22nd, 2015
12:36 am
It didn't seem all that different........
When I read over things about that year they always talk about how it was such a horrible season from start to finish. I don't recall that. I remember how people talked about it snowing in December and how whenever it snows we get hit with a bad storm (turns out not to be true). It seemed like a normal season...hotter than usual maybe a little busier early on but nothing that out of the ordinary. I remember a nasty power outage from one with high winds that left the patio a mess but, nothing crazy......

As for my preparations at that point I had become just a little complacent at least outwardly. I still stocked water and bleach bottles. The usual canned goods, flashlights and batteries were on hand. I stopped clearing the patio out back being up in the attic I only cleared what could damage the stairs to my place.

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Friday, August 21st, 2015
2:43 am
Shortly, after I moved to NOLA FEMA stated that a hurricane in NOLA was one of the top disaster that the US should plan for. I was rather shocked when I looked at the City's Hurricane Plan (under Mayor Marc Morial) or lack there of. The entire plan seemed to be let's order about 40,000 body bags. I often find myself wondering if that is where Nagin pulled his rather infamous estimate of dead during the storm.

A couple of years after that the newspaper (Times-Picayune) published an entire series on the coastal destruction of Louisiana and what would occur during a variety of hurricane scenarios. Sometime during that period I also recall something on PBS or a local station that reviewed the same material. The worst case scenario being a Cat 5 up the mouth of the Mississippi River causing levee failures and over topping. I remember being fixated on the notion of water up to the spires of the Cathedral in the Square.

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Thursday, August 20th, 2015
9:40 am
Not the problem
To live in NOLA is to accept certain things...that was true long before Katrina. I think the same could be said of many coastal for communities and even non-coastal communities. If you live in LA you live with earthquakes and the possibility of the big one; if you live in the Midwest you live with tornadoes and the possibility of super storms. For the New Orleans Metro Area and for a good part of Mississippi. It wasn't the storm. It wasn't even the levee failure. Those were factors in what occurred but, they were not what has devastated and pretty much destroyed us.

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Friday, January 14th, 2011
12:15 am
In Loving Memory....
Odun Arechaga


January 13, 2011

Thank you for everything Tati

Peace and Light to your spirit...

(photo courtesy B.Boldt-thnx)

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Monday, March 15th, 2010
1:17 pm
The Mode I Am In
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Thursday, February 25th, 2010
9:39 am
For those of you looking….
Back published blogs can be found on the following dates:
2009: 8/29 9/2812/1712/21 12/31
2010: 1/1 1/6 1/121/13 1/15 1/16 1/17 1/19 1/26
If you cannot read them it means they are not fully open to all friends just yet. They will be over the next few weeks. I will also be putting up several more from dated from1/29 to current over the next week (maybe a bit longer due to time constraints). There are some ones that pre-date the above that deal with health issues and even Katrina at some point in the distant future I will more than likely open those up as well For now, I just want to get through this process. Be patient, there has been a lot going on with my health and it takes up a considerable amount of my energy.

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Wednesday, February 17th, 2010
1:43 am
The Fire Part One
Since it's going on national news....
It was the house next door that caught on fire.
Tony was not there at the time and he is safe.
Except for some minor cuts and debris injuries everyone is safe.
As for our building. Shane was at work. Jay, Heather and one of kids got out. We got Miss Dixie and her great nephew out. Chris had the sense to grab the hose, I screwed it in and turned it on and one of the neighbors hauled it outside. Someone else got a hose probably from Joe's across the street. Thank god for the hoses. The fire was so intense and all the buildings are literally on top of each other here in the Quarter. Flames and fiery debris were shooting out to Heathers wooden balcony. Part of our building is attached to that one, once again thankfully in the rear or we would have lost everything. Chris and a couple of other guys got on top of trucks parked in front of the houses and spayed the water on the balcony and our side of the building and then when that became too dangerous as debris was falling on the trucks they began to hose down vehicles.
I'll probably write more about it later, but I was only home because I am so sick or I would have been at work. So I need to get warmer (the cold is not good for me right now) and honestly I don't think breathing in any of the smoke and fumes was what I needed right now.
NOPD and NOFD did a fantastic job getting here and clearing the crowds of idiot tourists. By the way when you take those pics with your cell phone and upload them you are tying up phone lines--it took me 3 tries to get through to 911 not to mention blocking the fucking street. Also a big thank you to Lafitte's Guesthouse who let Miss Dixie in where it was warm.
I have wonderful neighbors from handling hoses to door pounding to people shouting "heather" "rose" "Miss Dixie" "fire" "get out". Honestly, my ears are badly clogged up and I was asleep if it wasn't for that racket and hearing those words together I probably would of said Mardi Gras and turned back and gone back to sleep.

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Monday, February 15th, 2010
2:35 am
Hello There
I have been writing when I have and the time and the energy to do so. Some of it is just ranting; a lot of it explains various health issues I have been dealing with. I know some people have wondered why I have done certain things or not done certain things if you read through these entries you will understand.

I haven't published much of it for a variety of reasons (employment, family, privacy, and legal as in I may be suing someone). Then there is whole my plans keep falling through phenomenon which makes me look as if I am often blowing smoke out my ass. However, I am now at a point where I can start making some of this public. I will be publishing various writings as they were written so they will be back dated. Some may be restricted to certain people (those who I know in real life who are already aware of certain situations) for the next few weeks. Just be patient and you will understand why I felt the need to proceed in this manner.

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Saturday, January 30th, 2010
1:04 pm
Musical Interlude #6

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12:53 pm
Sunday, January 17th, 2010
11:18 pm
Pinch Me
Please tell me that I am still asleep……

Barenaked Ladies -- Pinch Me
Uploaded by popefucker. - Explore more music videos.

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10:09 pm
Did It!
Well two days after I wanted to drop the notice off I wound up shoving it under the store door. My last day will be the 31st. I felt bad about shoving it under the door but, SM is opening so I know she will get it. There was just no time over the weekend and I've been feeling so damn ill.

Anyway, it's done and it will all be over soon.

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Wednesday, January 13th, 2010
4:19 pm
You Just Won't Get Away With It
I was nine years old when my mother passed right before Christmas.

The following Valentine's Day my father remarried and shortly thereafter brought his new wife home.

A day or two after she arrived, we had a wee disagreement.

Her name was Mary and that is how I referred to her. She didn't like that.

I called her Mary. She insisted I call her "mother" or "mom".

I told her "you are not my mother".

Then it happened.

Fast as lightening, out of nowhere a cold and hard slap across my face.

I was a bit shocked. As fucked up as my family was no one had ever done that before.

I didn't run away crying.

I sure as hell didn't attack her back.

Something came over me I had never felt before.

Something I would feel many times over again in my life.

I just stared at her.

I looked her right in the eye.

I said, "You are not going to get away with this. You are not going to get away with any of it.".

We stared at one another.

She blinked first.

I turned on my heel and walked away.

She may have gotten away with that slap, but by April she was gone. By May they were divorced. While at the time I would have liked to have thought I had something to with that the reality was I had nothing to do with it.

In the end she didn't get away with it.

Over the years when that feeling has come over me, I rarely have offered up any comment. I have stood and stared until they blink or turn away or start ranting like a crazy person. Not a single one of them as ever gotten away with the crap they were trying to pull. In the end they always got their comeuppance.

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